Seasonal product: Mimosa

The delicate flower "mimosa" is wrapped in warm sunlight and sparkles with its entire body, expressing the joy of spring.
The fragrance will gently envelop you, riding on the soft breeze that brings in the new season.

Mimosa series short stories

In Italy, it is customary to give mimosa flowers to loved ones during this season.

Along with such wonderful stories, the "Happy Yellow x Mimosa" theme, symbolized on International Women's Day on March 8th, is now becoming a social movement.

The Mimosa series from Tree of Life is back this year, allowing you to enjoy mimosa in a variety of situations.

Stocks are limited, so be sure to order early.

Roll-on Fragrance

A roll-on cologne inspired by the yellow mimosa flower, containing essential oils such as mimosa, bergamot, and neroli (all natural aromatic ingredients).

You can wear it on your wrist or behind your ear to enjoy the scent anytime.


Nail oil

This is a beauty oil for nails that contains mimosa essential oil (a natural aromatic ingredient) and has a sweet, light scent.

Formulated with argan oil and calendula oil (all moisturizing ingredients), it prevents dryness around the nails and fingertips, keeping them healthy.


Mist Cologne

A mist cologne with a gentle mimosa scent that contains mimosa essential oil (a natural aromatic ingredient). Spray it on your body, wrists, or the back of your neck to enjoy the natural scent. It has a smooth feel and is easy to use.


Shea butter hand cream

A hand cream with a rich texture that contains mimosa essential oil (a natural aromatic ingredient). Contains five moisturizing ingredients (25% shea butter, mimosa acacia flower wax, calendula flower extract, coltsfoot flower extract, and honey). It blends well with the skin of your hands and provides moisture.