Minimalist design incense holder, black
Minimalist design incense holder, black
Minimalist design incense holder, black
Minimalist design incense holder, black
Minimalist design incense holder, black
Minimalist design incense holder, black
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This brass incense holder has a simple, minimalist design. You can create your own incense holder using your favorite plate or tray.
You can freely adjust the angle by using the included ring and moving the ball on the ring.
There are two sizes of incense holes, so you can insert incense sticks of various thicknesses.

Check out the different gold colours below.
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The tray (sold separately) can also be used as an incense holder.
Aluminum casting tray square L black
Brass square tray 120mm matte
Abalone shell multi-tray made of brass casting

Incense is not included. Please purchase separately.
*This product is only available at some directly managed stores and the official online store.
*This product is not a Tree of Life original product.

Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

Size : Body: Φ16mm, Hole diameter: 3mm, Exterior: 42×25×H19mm
Product weight : approx. 22g (body: approx. 18g)
Place the ring on the incense dish and then place the ball on top of the ring.

Insert the incense into the hole in the ball and light it.

*The angle can be adjusted by moving the ball on the ring.

Care instructions

Wipe with a soft cloth and then dry to remove all moisture.

If the stain is severe, remove it with diluted commercial neutral detergent and wipe it dry to remove all moisture.

Do not use metal brushes, steel wool, thinners, gasoline, etc.
Please use in a level, safe location away from flammable or melting objects.
●Do not use in places exposed to strong winds.
●Please use on an incense burner that is large enough to catch the incense ash. It may cause a fire.
●Never leave the burner unattended while it is burning and keep it within your line of sight.
●The product may be hot even immediately after use. Allow it to cool for about 20 minutes before handling.
●Make sure to check that the incense is out.
●Please install and store out of reach of children and pets.
Please handle the incense according to the instructions printed on the incense you purchased.
●Do not use this product for any purpose other than its intended use.
●You can use incense sticks up to about 15 cm in length as they are, but if you use incense sticks that are about 20 cm in length (incense sticks used for visiting graves are about 20 cm in length), the weight of the balls will cause them to move and they will not be able to maintain their angle, so please break the incense to the appropriate length before using it.
●This product may discolor due to the heat or tar of the incense.
●Darkening may occur over time as a characteristic of brass. Please understand that this is a characteristic of the product.