Seasonal Products

Mint & Lemon

The ever-popular mint and lemon flavor
On sale again this year from Wednesday, April 24th!

Sorry I'm late Mother's Day gift special

Mother's Day has passed, but I'd like to express my apologies for the late reply.
Give your mother a gift of gratitude filled with the blessings of nature along with your gratitude for all that she has always done.

Delicious herbal tea that can be brewed with water

Stay hydrated in the summer. Delicious iced herbal tea that can be slowly brewed in the refrigerator. Available again this year.

Seasonal Jasmine Tea

Pure white jasmine flowers sway in the refreshing breeze. A gentle and gorgeous fragrance that combines the freshness of new greenery.

Tree of Life Manuka Honey

This honey is extracted from Manuka flowers that grow wild in New Zealand. Use it to maintain your daily health.


Natural aromas make outdoor activities more comfortable. The Citronella series, which is free of DEET and Icaridin, has been renewed.

Purely Care Series

A skin care series for babies and mothers that focuses on ingredients

Aromatic Body Care Series

A skin care series that uses plenty of the bounty of nature, including vegetable oils and essential oils.

Pomegranate Special

A noteworthy plant known as the "female fruit"

My 30 Day Tea

A herbal tea series to help you start creating healthy habits for your mind and body in just 30 days

Japan Fragrance Series

Tree of Life's unique Japanese scent Make new discoveries with Japanese ingredients






Proposing "nature," "health," and "fun"
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With the themes of "nature," "health," and "fun," we deliver carefully selected organic herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils, and more from partner farms both in Japan and overseas, and propose a lifestyle of wellness and well-being.