Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
Aroma Clip for Car
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A clip-on scented accessory for your car that allows you to easily enjoy the scent in your car.
Just soak it in your favorite essential oil and let it float in the air conditioning to create a comfortable space inside your car.
The simple design and color blend in with your car's interior.
Available in three colors: black, silver, and gold.
Two replacement cartridges included.

Simply soak 3 to 4 drops of essential oil into the wick inside the inner tube of the unit, then attach it to your car's air conditioner vent by clamping the clip.
You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by turning the intensity dial to your preferred position.
The scent is carried by the air conditioning breeze and reaches the back seats.
*Varies depending on vehicle size and air conditioning status.

*Although the photo shows the product installed horizontally, it can also be installed vertically depending on the shape of the air outlet.
In this case, please be careful to adjust the amount of essential oil to avoid leakage.

*Essential oils are not included. Please purchase separately.
Smooth Drive is a highly recommended blend of essential oils.

Replacement cartridges only are also sold.
Aroma stick refills (2 pieces)

Country of Origin: China
Material Body: Aluminum alloy Aroma stick (core): Polyethylene
Size: φ13×80mm (clip 30mm) Box: W93×D32×H110mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 48g (Main unit: Approx. 22g)

If you have difficulty installing this product, discontinue use.
Drivers should not operate this product while driving.
Keep out of reach of children and pets while in use.
Please be careful, because if the cover on the clip is torn or peeled off, the metal will be exposed and may damage the installation location.
If you notice any abnormalities or problems while using this product, discontinue use immediately.
Never disassemble or modify the product.
When not in use, close the intensity dial and store in a cool place.

<When using essential oils>

Please follow the instructions for use for the essential oil you are using.
When soaking essential oils into aroma sticks, do so in a well-ventilated area and avoid contact with hands or clothing. If you do get any on your hands, immediately wash them off with soap.
If essential oil gets on the body or exterior of the Drive Aroma Clip, wipe it off thoroughly with tissue before using.
Do not apply essential oils to the interior of your car (AC vents, dashboard, steering wheel, seats, etc.) as this may cause the oils to melt, peel off, or stain.
Do not store essential oils in your car.
Please refrain from using this product if you are pregnant or in a car with pets.