Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
Portable Aroma Diffuser Honeycomb
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A waterless, cordless aroma diffuser. Charge it from a USB power source and enjoy the scent of essential oils anywhere, such as at home, in your car, or in the office.

It's palm-sized and round like a macaron, with a cute and stylish design that makes it fun to carry around.

The fan gently spreads the scent of essential oils wherever you are, such as at your desk at work, while traveling in the car, next to your pillow before going to sleep, or in a hallway without an electrical outlet.

【power supply】
It is equipped with a charging function and is also portable.
It can operate for approximately 8 to 9 hours after charging for approximately 2 to 3 hours.
You can use it with either a USB port or a power outlet. If you use a power outlet, please prepare an AC adapter (sold separately).

Honeycomb USB cable Type-B 30cm, instruction manual and warranty card

Parts are also available.
Honeycomb USB cable Type-B 30cm
AC adapter
Honeycomb replacement pads (5 pieces)

*Essential oils are not included. Please purchase separately.

Effective fragrance space: Approximately 50cm from the outlet
Operating time Continuous operation: 2 hours (automatic stop after about 2 hours)
Power supply: 5V, 1.0A Cord: 30cm
Power consumption: 3.5W
Warranty period: 6 months from date of purchase
Country of Origin: China
Material: PP
Size: Main unit: W74×D74×H35mm Box: W88×D45×H110mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 80g
*Please be sure to read the instruction manual before actual use.

How to charge
The battery is not fully charged when you purchase the product. Please charge the battery before use.

1. Connect the included USB cable straight to the device.
* When connecting, be careful of the orientation of the USB cable. Forcing the cable in the wrong orientation may cause a malfunction, ignition, or fire.
② Charging will begin when you connect the USB cable to a USB port that can output 5V, 1.0A.
*When charging using a connected device such as a USB hub, the power supply may be low.
In this case, charging may take longer than usual or charging may not be possible.
*Do not charge from a power source (USB port) exceeding 5V, 1.0A.

*The battery can be charged approximately 300 times.
Repeated charging and use will gradually shorten the usable time from a fully charged state.

how to use
① Make sure the battery is charged.
Press the power button on the device once and if it lights up it means it is charging.
If it flashes, there is some charge remaining, but it is low, so please charge it before using it.
When charging, please see "How to charge."
2) Remove the body cover and check that the oil pad is installed.
*Do not drip essential oils when the oil pad is not attached.
③ Add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil to the oil pad.
Whether you remove it from the main unit (see illustration) or leave it attached (see photo), use whichever method is easiest for you to drip it.
*If you drip more than the appropriate amount of essential oil, the essential oil may enter the opening of the main unit (above the blower fan) and cause a malfunction, so please be careful not to drip too many drops.
*Please be careful not to let essential oils enter the opening on the main unit (top of the blower fan).
*Be careful not to get essential oils on your hands.
④ Place the main body cover in the correct direction.
Be sure to attach the cover so that the mark on the side of the cover overlaps with the mark above the power button.
*If you try to install it forcibly in a position where the marks do not overlap, it may cause a malfunction, such as the cover becoming unable to be removed.
⑤Press the power button to use it.
It will run for 2 hours and then shut off automatically.

How to replace oil pads
①When changing the scent, use a new oil pad.
② Remove the oil pad using tissue or similar to avoid touching the essential oil with your fingers.
*If the pad is difficult to remove, use a toothpick or something similar.
③After installing the new oil pad,
Make sure that the three tabs on the oil pad attachment part are exposed to the surface.
*Do not use any oil pads other than those specifically designed for this product.

Care Instructions
Aim to do this once every two weeks.
Also, when you want to change the scent, please clean it if you are bothered by the previous scent.
1. Open the main body cover and remove the oil pad.
*Please remove the oil pad using tissue etc. to avoid touching the essential oil with your fingers.
② Using a tissue moistened with absolute ethanol,
Gently wipe the oil pad attachment area and the surrounding area.
③If essential oil has adhered to the main body, gently wipe it off in the same manner as ②.
●Even if you do not use the device for a long period of time, charge it approximately once a month.
Leaving the device without charging it may shorten the life of the built-in battery.
About the device
Please use essential oils. Please do not use perfumes or synthetic fragrances.
If dark colored essential oils are used, the product may become discolored.
The scent of essential oils may transfer to the main unit.
Even when the cover is closed, the unit is not airtight, so the scent may transfer to bags or other items you carry with you.
Please place the part with the "Tree of life" logo facing down.
Please use and store out of reach of children and pets.
When using essential oils, do not use in the presence of pets.

About charging
Do not leave the battery uncharged and charge it regularly.
Charge the battery indoors at room temperature.
Do not use while charging.

About lithium-ion batteries
The built-in battery cannot be replaced. Do not disassemble the device under any circumstances.
Do not charge the battery when it is fully charged. If you want to charge the battery, first discharge (use) it to a certain extent before charging it.
Do not leave the device uncharged. This will shorten the life of the built-in battery. Charge the device approximately once a month.

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