Moon Pants Heavy & Night Black (sanitary pants)
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The crotch area is made of absorbent material, and these shorts can absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 2-3 napkins (15-20ml).
The surface remains smooth even after water is added, and the seamless design means there's no need to worry about side leakage.
It can also be used when you are concerned about urinary incontinence, making it recommended for people of all ages.

With its simple design and breathable material, it can be used daily.
The crotch (absorption) area is made of antibacterial material.
It can be washed and reused, making it environmentally friendly and economical.

The large absorbent area completely covers the bottom and blocks leakage, making it recommended for heavy flow days or when sleeping.
Deep-fitting design gives you a sense of security and envelopment.
The water absorption area is larger than the other two types, Daytime Black Lace and Daytime Peach.

Please choose the size according to your hip measurement.
M size: up to 92cm
L size: up to 102 cm

Medium size
Size: Main unit: W340 x H230mm Box: W120 x D15 x H120mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 66g
Large size
Size: Main unit: W350 x H245mm Box: W120 x D15 x H120mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 70g

M/L size common specifications
Material: Main body: 80% nylon, 20% polyurethane; Crotch: 82% nylon, 18% polyurethane; Absorbent layer: 100% polyester; Waterproof layer: 100% nylon (polyurethane laminated)
How to wear
Wear them just like regular shorts.
On normal days, you can wear Moon Pants by themselves! On heavy flow days, we recommend using them together with your favorite sanitary items.
If you wear something tightly constricting over the Moon Pants, they may become sweaty.
Wipe off any menstrual blood clots with toilet paper or similar.

How to wash
Please soak before putting in the washing machine.
We recommend dissolving 1 teaspoon of sodium percarbonate or baking soda in 500ml of room temperature water and soaking for about 15 minutes.
Rinse the Moon Pants lightly to make sure there is no dirt left, then place them in a laundry net and wash them in the washing machine.
There is no problem washing it with other laundry at this time.
When the garment has a large amount of absorption, it will be easier to wash it by quickly running it under running water before soaking it in water with dissolved sodium percarbonate.

To extend the life of the product, we recommend washing it on the same day after use.
Because it is made of nylon, it dries faster than cotton.
The fabric used is antibacterial and deodorizing, and retains its odor even after washing, so odors are less likely to remain.
To avoid color fading when you first use the product, soak it in water and then wash it in the washing machine immediately.
Do not wash with white clothing. We recommend washing the Moon Pants by itself once before use.
Do not use detergents or bleaches containing fluorescent whitening agents.
Since blood coagulates at high temperatures, use room temperature water when washing and soaking.
When soaking, do not put any other clothes in the bag other than Moon Pants.
Do not soak for longer than 15 minutes.
When washing in a washing machine, putting the item in a laundry net will help prevent color transfer.
Do not tumble dry.
Please refrain from applying strong force to the shorts, such as scrubbing them with force.
The color will not fade due to sweat or body fluids.

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