Our herbs: growing and eating 18 kinds of condiments and herbs
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The article also features the Medicinal Herb Garden in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, a store that has a Tree of Life herb garden.
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This is a comic essay about her "herb life" by illustrator and writer Otagaki Haruko, who grows and eats many condiments and herbs on the balcony of her home.
We will introduce you to a little economical and good lifestyle where you can grow your own condiments and herbs at home and enjoy them deliciously.
Growing it at home is convenient and economical!
It's fresh and delicious because it's eaten right away!

In addition to introducing how to grow and eat (recipes) 18 types of herbs that Otagaki-san actually used, the book also includes more advanced information from experts (professionals).
In addition, you will learn everything about herbs from scratch, including how to grow them, how to deal with insects and diseases, and how to preserve them, so even beginners can feel at ease.
I want to eat it because it's delicious and healthy, but it's surprisingly expensive and doesn't last long.
Why not start living a better life by having such herbs (condiments and herbs) at home?

<Table of Contents>
・What are herbs? Required tools ・Useful tools ・Grow from seeds ・Grow from seedlings

<Recipe Collection>
Beef and zucchini grilled with oregano oil Watercress Watercress Potato Salad / Watercress and Meatball Soup Saffron Yellow Paella / Squid sauteed with saffron Sage Pork and potato stir-fry with sage / Mushroom pasta with sage and butter ● Time Roasted chicken wings with thyme aroma Chives Use finely chopped in the same way as chives and green onions. Sprinkle on fried rice/add to soup. Dill Dill and Sashimi Salad / Stir-fried Shrimp and Turnip with Dill Flavor ●Coriander Asian style fried spring rolls/chicken rice Asian style/meatballs with coriander and cumin Basil Basil, turnip and octopus salad / Thai-style basil stir-fry / Basil paste Parsley Clam and Parsley Risotto / Parsley with Shiraae Mint
Mint Cocktail Arugula Radish and citrus arugula salad Rosemary Deep-fried sardines with rosemary aroma / Rosemary French fries ●Laurier Pot-au-feu/Roast pork ● Shiso, perilla Radish salad / Perilla pickled in soy sauce ●Zanthoxylum Zanthoxylum nigiri ●Myoga Myoga as a versatile condiment / Myoga pickled in sweet vinegar

<Ask a professional about herbs>
・We asked horticulturist Takako Fukamachi about life with aromatic herbs What is the Tree of Life Medicinal Herb Garden?
・Cooking in a coriander field ・What are companion plants? I grow it in the kitchen ・Various ways to grow herbs ・An insect has come ・Am I sick?! What should I do? ・Various ways to preserve herbs ・Herb calendar

Author: Haruko Otagaki
Publisher: KADOKAWA
Size: W148×H210×D13mm