pucarito paper incense hodokeru 15 sheets
pucarito paper incense hodokeru 15 sheets
pucarito paper incense hodokeru 15 sheets
pucarito paper incense hodokeru 15 sheets
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My heart is free and easy

A fragrance series containing natural essential oils.
Choose the scent and items that suit your mood.
Paper incense that, when lit, releases a fragrant scent along with the smoke.
The short burn time makes it a great choice for quickly spreading the fragrance throughout a room before going to bed or when guests arrive.
It has a fragrance even without lighting it, so if you keep it in your wallet, business card holder, or other belongings, you can enjoy a subtle fragrance.
Comes with incense clip.

Like fluffy cotton fluff, light and true to myself
A gentle, enveloping fragrance with the juicy scent of orange and grapefruit woven with calming amber.

Can be used with abalone shells and trays sold separately.
Abalone shell multi-tray made of brass casting
Brass square tray 120mm matte
Cast aluminum tray, square L, black

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Product number 060127020 (Category: 4)
JAN code: 4954753102947
Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
Quality retention/usage guideline Unopened: 36 months (3 years) after manufacture Burn time: Approximately 5 minutes/1 piece *There may be slight variations depending on the conditions such as the usage environment.
Size Box: W55×D20×H132mm 1 paper incense stick: W8×D80mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 18g (Main body: Approx. 0.1g/sheet)
Cut off each incense stick and light the tip while holding it in your hand.
Blow out the flame while holding it in your hand, then attach it to the included incense clip.

*Please place a non-flammable tray on a flat, stable surface and use the product on it.
・This is not a food product.
・This product uses fire. Please be careful when handling fire as it may cause burns or fire.
-If a fire occurs, blow out the flame immediately.
- Do not leave the area while it is burning.
- Always use it on a non-flammable tray.
- Do not use near flammable objects, in windy or unstable locations.
- After use, make sure the fire is completely out before disposing of the ashes.
・This product contains fragrance. If it comes into contact with your skin, rinse thoroughly. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using gloves or tweezers to prevent the fragrance from coming into direct contact with your skin.
- If you notice any abnormalities while using the product, discontinue use immediately.
- Please use and store out of reach of small children and pets.
・Please refrain from using this product in areas where there are pets. In particular, please do not use this product in areas where there are small animals (birds, ferrets, etc.) kept in cages.
-Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
- The scent dissipates quickly after opening, so store the product in the aluminum bag and use as soon as possible.
- Because natural ingredients are used, the color, scent, and texture may change over time or due to temperature changes.
・When lit, smoke and tar will come out. Please be aware of your surroundings when using.