Incense Vietnam Agarwood 20 sticks
Incense Vietnam Agarwood 20 sticks
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Incense sticks from Australian brand Subtle Bodies.

Uses Vietnamese agarwood.
An elegant and uplifting spicy scent.
When you wake up or when you want to change your mood.

The agarwood used is grown on CITES-certified farms in the tropical rainforests of southern Vietnam.
By using raw materials from a farm of over 400 hectares that has been cultivating agarwood for over 20 years, we are able to deliver the high-quality scent of trees.

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Korean red cedar

Subtle Bodies incense does not contain any fragrance oils or other ingredients.

*This product is only available at some directly managed stores and the official online store.
*This product is not a Tree of Life original product.

Country of OriginAustralia
Size : Body: Approx. 135mm Box: 170×55×H15mm
Product weight : approx. 45g (body: approx. 0.05g/each)
After lighting the tip of the incense, extinguish the flame.
Please use a non-flammable incense holder or tray.
Burn time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick *May vary slightly depending on conditions
●Be sure to read the instruction manual before use.
●This is not a food product.
This product uses fire. Please be careful when handling fire as it may cause burns or fire.
●Do not leave the area unattended while it is in use. Even after the smoke has cleared, embers may remain.
● Always use non-flammable incense holders and trays, and take care not to tip them over or allow ashes to fall outside the tray.
●Do not use near flammable objects, in windy or unstable locations.
●Make sure the fire is completely out before disposing of ashes.
●If you notice any abnormalities while using the product, stop using it immediately.
●When using, be sure to ventilate appropriately.
●Please use and store out of reach of small children and pets.
●Please refrain from using this product in areas where pets are present. In particular, do not use this product in areas where small animals are present.
●Store away from high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.
●Even if unopened, the scent may weaken if stored for a long period of time. Please use as soon as possible.
Vietnamese agarwood, Hamabiwa (binding material) *No additives used