Gardenia pigment blue 2g
Gardenia pigment blue 2g
Gardenia pigment blue 2g
Gardenia pigment blue 2g
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  • *Since this is a natural pigment, the color will fade over time.
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A natural blue pigment derived from gardenia.
It can also be used to color homemade cosmetics such as MP soap (soap made by melting it in the microwave).
It will turn a deep blue or light blue color.

Comes with spoon.

Country of Origin: Japan
Quality retention/usage guideline: 2 years after manufacture
Size: Box: W25×D25×H55mm
Product weight: approx. 10g
Ingredients: Gardenia blue pigment, dextrin
This product is a food additive. It can be used to color cakes, etc.
It can also be used to color handmade cosmetics.
A small spoon is included. One level scoop is approximately 0.05g.
If it is difficult to achieve a uniform color when in powder form, dissolving it in glycerin or ethanol will make it easier to achieve a uniform color.
If the dye gets on your hands or clothes it may be difficult to remove, so please use with care.
Since it is a natural dye, the color may fade over time.