pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
pucarito aroma candle ukabu 160g
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My heart is free and easy

A fragrance series containing natural essential oils.
Choose the scent and items that suit your mood.
Light it up and enjoy the gentle aroma. It can also be used as an interior decoration.
The light and scent create a wonderful relaxing space.
You can also use a candle warmer.

I hope my heart will suddenly float, just like a clear soap bubble.
A clear, refreshing fragrance that combines the pleasant scent of jasmine and lily of the valley with the sweetness of fruit.
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*The burning time is approximately 30 hours, but this may vary depending on various conditions.

Product number 060147010 (Category: 4)
JAN code: 4954753099827
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Quality maintenance/Usage guidelines None
Ingredients: Paraffin wax, fragrance
Size: Body: φ70×H85mm Box: W79×D79×H91mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 420g (Product: Approx. 390g)
Remove the candle from the box and remove the film on the top.
Make sure to straighten the wick before lighting it.
Be sure to turn off the heat after enjoying the aroma.
・This is not food.
- Do not leave the stove unattended when it is burning.
・Please refrain from using the product in windy locations, near flammable objects such as curtains, or on materials that are sensitive to heat, as this may be dangerous. Also, use the product on a flat and stable location.
・Do not move the candle while it is burning, as it will liquefy inside the container. Also, do not touch the candle holder, as it will become hot.
・When leaving a candle, make sure the flame is completely extinguished. After extinguishing the flame, do not touch the candle holder until it has cooled down. Also, wait until the candle has hardened before using it again.
・Do not store in hot, humid places, in direct sunlight, or within reach of children or pets.
- When children are present, a parent or guardian should always be present when using this product.
- Do not place matchsticks or foreign objects used for ignition into the container.
- If you feel unwell, stop using the product and ventilate the area.
- Do not use water to extinguish a fire.
- Soot may come out during use or when extinguishing the candle, and soot may get on the candle holder, but this does not affect the quality.
・This product uses a glass container. It may break if dropped or handled roughly. If the container becomes damaged, scratched, or cracked, discontinue use immediately.
・Store in a place that is dust-free.
- If wax gets on floors or furniture, wipe it off immediately.
-Since natural ingredients are used, the color and scent may change due to changes in temperature, etc., but this does not affect the quality.