[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
[Autumn Limited Edition] Osmanthus Bath Milk 250ml
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The osmanthus flowers on the street corner remind me of my hometown
Shining against the clear autumn sky
A sweet fragrance that brings back nostalgia

The Osmanthus series is popular every year.
This year, it has been renewed as the "Kinmokusei" series.

A bath milk with a soft, fragrant scent of osmanthus.
These bath accessories will make your bath feel a little more luxurious.
Enjoy the nostalgic, soothing scent in your bathroom.
Contains osmanthus essential oil (natural aromatic ingredient), calendula flower extract, and chamomile flower extract (both moisturizing ingredients).

●No mineral oil, paraben (preservative), or silicone

Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
Quality Maintenance/Usage Guidelines
Unopened: 24 months (2 years) after manufacture
Size Bottle: φ52×160mm Shipping box: W55×D55×H162mm
Product weight: Approx. 282g (including shipping box)
Shake the container well, then add one level to a bathtub filled with hot water (approximately 200L), mix well and then take a bath.
*The scale is located on the side of the main unit.
・This is not a food product.
- Please be careful as the bathtub and shower area will become slippery.
・Please be careful when using on people with sensitive skin or small children.
・Please use with caution to check for any abnormalities on your skin. Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.
・If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, loss of color (white spots, etc.) or darkening on the skin during use or after exposure to direct sunlight, we recommend that you discontinue use and consult a medical specialist.
・Be careful not to get the solution in your eyes. If it does get in your eyes, rinse immediately.
- Please use as soon as possible after opening.
・Please close the cap tightly after use. The contents are oily and tend to drip, so they may adhere to the screw part during use. If they do adhere, wipe them off before closing the cap.
・Do not store in high temperatures, high humidity, direct sunlight, or within reach of small children or pets.
- Do not place the product in the bathroom while the bathroom dryer is in use.
・Some bathtubs, such as those that cannot be used 24 hours a day, please check the bathtub's instruction manual before using it.
-Since natural ingredients are used, slight changes in viscosity, color, and scent may occur due to changes in temperature, etc., but this does not affect the quality.
- Because natural ingredients are used, sediment or cloudiness may occur, but this does not affect the quality.
Rice bran oil, sorbeth-30 tetraoleate, PEG-10 hydrogenated castor oil, sunflower seed oil, osmanthus flower oil, calendula officinalis flower extract, chamomile flower extract, grapefruit peel oil, sweet orange peel oil, copaifera officinalis resin oil, camphor tree leaf oil, cananga-ylang flower oil, juniperus communis fruit oil, tocopherol