First smell training set (container and instructions included)
First smell training set (container and instructions included)
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This set includes four essential oils recommended for olfactory training (olfactory rehabilitation), a container so you can immediately get started with the olfactory training introduced in the video, handmade cosmetic labels, and instructions on how to train.

As a measure to combat neurological olfactory disorders caused by aging, some clinics recommend people smell four different scents (resinous/medicinal/fruity/floral) for around 10 seconds twice a day, morning and evening, for 12 weeks.

*For how to do olfactory training (olfactory rehabilitation), please see the instructions or video below.

<3ml of essential oil>
Eucalyptus globulus 3ml (resinous odor)
3ml of cloves (medicinal smell)
Lemon 3ml (fruit smell)
Lavender from France 3ml (floral scent)
< Brown glass cream container 25ml > x 4 items <Handmade cosmetic labels (6 sheets)>
<Olfaction training set instructions>
<Essential oil component analysis table>*
* Scan the QR code on the essential oil packaging with your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc. to access the relevant site.
By entering the required information, you can view and download a component analysis sheet for each lot of essential oil.
*Even if you search on the Internet, the relevant page will not be found.
*Since ingredients vary depending on the lot, you cannot view the ingredients before purchasing.

Size box: W144 x D88 x H75mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 302g
Preparation before using this product
1. Place cotton in a wide-mouthed, light-shielding bottle. (Cotton is not included in the set.)
② Add 1ml (about 20 drops) of essential oil to the cotton pad so that it soaks in.
③Make four types and attach label stickers with the name of each aroma to the bottles.

Training Method
1. Open the bottle and hold it about 3cm away from your nose. Close your mouth and take a deep sniff of the scent through your nose for 10 seconds.
② After you finish sniffing, close the lid and rest for about 1 minute. It doesn't matter which scent you start with. Sniff all four scents in a row. We recommend that you continue with two sets every day, morning and evening.

It is important to continue olfactory training.
Try doing it every day for 12 weeks.

- When you are smelling, be aware of what aroma you are smelling.
- Smell each type for 10 seconds, taking a 1-minute break after each smell.
・The order in which you smell the aromas does not matter (you can start with any scent).
・A wide-mouthed bottle will allow you to enjoy the aroma better. Also, a light-blocking bottle is best for preservation.
-The key point is that the four aromas (essential oils) used are eucalyptus (resinous smell), clove (medicinal smell), lemon (fruity scent), and lavender (floral scent).

*Add one drop of the same type of essential oil once a day.
*The 3ml of essential oil in this set is enough for approximately 30 days when used as described above.
Essential oils
●Do not apply essential oils undiluted to your skin. If you do get any on your hands, immediately wash them off with plenty of water.
●It is extremely dangerous to drink or ingest essential oils. Please do not misuse them.
●If you are currently receiving medical treatment from a doctor, please consult your doctor or specialist before starting aromatherapy.
●Essential oils are highly irritating to pets, so please refrain from using them in spaces where pets are present.
●To ensure comfortable use, please follow the instructions in the instruction manual for details.