Seasonal Limited Edition Jasmine Tea

Pure white "Jasmine" swaying in the fresh breeze. A gentle and gorgeous fragrance with the freshness of new greenery. Amidst the gorgeousness, the transparent worldview reminiscent of a fresh breeze creates an attractive and gentle space.

Jasmine Tea Series Short Stories

In China, it is called jasmine and is famous for flavouring jasmine tea.

This fragrance series uses the natural essential oil of jasmine sambac, which has a refreshing, slightly green scent and is floral yet airy and light, as its key note, to create a blend that evokes the season of fresh greenery.

The Tree of Life's Jasmine Tea series is back again this year, allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous and refreshing scent of jasmine in a variety of situations.

Stocks are limited, so be sure to order early.

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