Delicious, easy to drink, and cute!

Delicious herbal tea


What is delicious herbal tea?


Our delicious herbal tea series is caffeine-free*, so you can enjoy it any time of the day.

* Only Caramel & Salt is not caffeine-free, but contains less than 0.01% caffeine.

Pursuing deliciousness

While retaining the original flavor and characteristics of the herbs, we have added fruits and flavors to make it easy to drink and delicious.

There are 10 different flavors

Each of the 10 varieties has a different taste, aroma, and color, so you're sure to find your favorite herbal tea.

It comes in a cute package, so it's often chosen as a gift.

Available in 3 sizes!


Elderflower Muscat

A fruity taste with the gentle flavor of elderflower and the refreshing aroma of muscat. A herbal tea recommended for when you want to change your mood or in early spring.

Manuka Honey Ginger

Perfect for the change of seasons. Made with ginger and lemongrass as the base, and with the gentle taste of honey added. The honey scent spreads softly and gently.

Happy Celebration

The sweet aroma, sourness of hibiscus, and accent of cinnamon make this a blended herb tea with the hope that happiness will come to you.

Moon Garden

Enjoy the scent of apples and chamomile with a hint of sourness when you want to take a break. Also recommended as a nighttime companion before going to bed.

Rose Garnet

Rose has been loved by beautiful women all over the world since ancient times. For those who want to shine beautifully. Enjoy the sour taste of rose, pomegranate, and hibiscus.

Acai Raspberry

Enjoy the sweet and sour aroma of raspberry and the moderate sourness of hibiscus. Perfect for those who want to stay energized during busy days.

Princess Time

A lovely herbal tea with a peach scent. The sweet peach scent and gentle herbal sweetness will elegantly color your tea time.

Echinacea Bear

The scent of orange is slightly spicy with cinnamon, ginger, etc. Perfect for when you want to relax in your room during the cold season.

Butterfly Pea Lemon

When you want to feel as light as a butterfly fluttering through a flower field, add lemon juice and the color will change from blue to purple, making this herbal tea visually pleasing.

Caramel & Salt

The chocolate-like flavor of carob roast and the gentle sweetness of rooibos are the best. We recommend adding milk to make a milk tea.





ティーバッグを入れ、沸騰させたお湯約180mlを注ぎ、 5~6分置いてからお召し上がりください。



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