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Tree of Life herbal bath

Tree of Life, which has been working with the blessings of plants for over 40 years, offers medicinal bath additives containing herbal medicines.

Please enjoy your bath time leisurely.

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Tree of Life's herbal bath to relieve fatigue.

"I want to relieve my fatigue" is an extract-type bath additive (quasi-drug) that features a scent derived from herbal medicine and gives the bath water a pale yellow color.

Recommended for those who want to sweat and relieve fatigue. It enhances the effects of a hot bath, gradually making you sweat and helping to recover from fatigue.

[Effects and benefits] Fatigue recovery, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, poor circulation, neuralgia, bruises, rheumatism, chilblains, chapped skin, cracks, rough skin, heat rash, hemorrhoids. Effective ingredients: Kouka, Ginger, Cnidium, Citrus Pepper, Angelica, Gaiyou, Chamomile, Calamus Root, and Illicium Root.

¥2,530(tax included)


Tree of Life's herbal bath My shoulders and back hurt.

When you feel tired, we recommend taking a long, leisurely soak in water at about 40°C (slightly warm).
"My shoulders and back hurt" is an extract type bath additive (quasi-drug) with a herbal scent and a light yellow color that comes from herbal medicine.
Recommended for those who are concerned about joint pain. By enhancing the effects of the hot bath, it can ease stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and neuralgia.

[Effects and benefits] Stiff shoulders, lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, bruises, sprains, fatigue recovery, poor circulation, chilblains, chapped skin, cracks, rough skin, eczema, heat rash, acne, hemorrhoids. Effective ingredients: Licorice, Coix seed, Peony root, Cnidium root, Citrus root, Capsicum, Angelica acutiloba, Poria cocos, and anhydrous sodium carbonate.

[Moisturizing ingredient] Plant-derived squalane

¥2,530(tax included)