Aroma Lamp
Aroma Lamp
Aroma Lamp
Aroma Lamp
Aroma Lamp
Aroma Lamp
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[This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale on the Tree of Life online store]

A simply designed aroma lamp that combines different materials, aluminum and glass.
A heater is installed on the top and the fragrance spreads by dripping essential oil onto the pot.
The soft LED lights will light up, allowing you to enjoy the duet of scent and light.
The heater is silent, so it is also recommended for use in bedrooms.
This set also comes with essential oil (sold separately), making it a great gift. (There is a slit in the gift box that allows you to include one bottle of essential oil.)

Available in two colors: matte black and off-white.

【power supply】
Dedicated USB adapter (integrated into the main unit)
You can use it with either a USB port or a power outlet. If you use a power outlet, please prepare an AC adapter (sold separately).

Oil tray (matte black/off-white), instruction manual and warranty card

Parts are also available.
Oil tray (matte black/off-white)
Glass parts

*Essential oils are not included. Please purchase separately.

Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
Size: Body: φ72×100mm Box: W173×D102×H104mm
Product weight: Approx. 480g (body: Approx. 385g)
*Please be sure to read the instruction manual before actual use.

Preparation before use
① Remove the main unit and included items.

2) Remove the cable tie from the USB cable and gently stretch the cable.

③Connect the USB cable to the USB output device.
*Please connect the USB cable straight.
* Please pay attention to the orientation of the USB cable. Connecting it in the wrong orientation may cause malfunction, ignition, fire, or overheating of the main unit.

how to use
1) Place 4 to 5 drops of essential oil in the center of the oil tray at the top of the lamp.

②Press the power button and the light will turn on and operation will begin.

③Press the power button again to turn off the light and stop operation.
*The lights will always be on while this product is in operation. You cannot operate the product with the lights turned off.

Care Instructions
*The oil tray will remain hot for a while immediately after the power is turned off.
When cleaning or touching the product, please wait until it has cooled down before handling it.

After use, wipe off any essential oil remaining in the oil tray with tissue paper soaked in anhydrous ethanol, or lightly rinse the entire oil tray with a neutral kitchen detergent.
If essential oil gets on the device, soak tissue paper in anhydrous ethanol and gently wipe it off.
●When wiping off essential oils, a thin layer of the paint from the device may remain on tissue paper, etc., but this does not affect the quality of the product.
●If essential oils or anhydrous ethanol are left on the main unit or oil tray for a long period of time, they may become discolored or denatured.
・Please be sure to read the instruction manual to ensure safe use.
・Please be sure to follow these rules to prevent injuries, unexpected accidents, and damage to property.
- We are not responsible for or will not guarantee any malfunctions, accidents, or damage to property that occurs when this product is used incorrectly or after being modified.
・Please use and store out of reach of children and pets.
・When using essential oils, do not use them in the presence of pets.