Sorry I'm late Mother's Day gift special

Mother's Day has passed, but I'd like to express my apologies for the late reply.

Give your mother a gift of gratitude, filled with the blessings of nature, along with your usual feelings of gratitude.

Special Gifts for Mother's Day

This is a popular Mother's Day set that comes pre-packaged in a gift box.

*There is no need to specify gift wrapping.

A perfect Mother's Day gift! Pomegranate set

This gift set is recommended as a Mother's Day gift or a present for women, to express your gratitude to your mother who always supports her family.

This special pomegranate set for women combines a highly concentrated extract of pomegranate itself with pomegranate herbal tea.
Exclusively for Mother's Day, we will attach a gift sticker to express our gratitude.

Pomegranates have long been loved in Iran and are known as "a gift from God" and "the queen's fruit."
The connection between pomegranates and women's health is so strong that Iranian women grow up being told, "If you want to be beautiful, eat pomegranates."

Two items will be delivered in a gift box.
Pomegranate & Fermented Extract 200g (Pomegranate Paste)

Delicious herbal tea Rose Garnet 10 tea bags

*This product will come with wrapping paper.

¥4,752(tax included)

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Mother's Day Cordial Set Manuka Honey, Goji Berry & Pomegranate

This gift set is perfect as a Mother's Day present to express your gratitude to your mother who always supports her family.

A set of herbal cordials, a diluted herbal drink made by steeping herbs and fruits in syrup.
We have selected two types of gifts that you can give to your mother, who you want to stay healthy and energetic.
Please dilute 7 to 8 times with water, carbonated water, hot water, herbal tea, etc. before consumption.

Two items will be delivered in a gift box.
<Herbal cordial>
・Organic Goji Berry & Pomegranate ・Manuka Honey

¥5,400 (tax included)

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Warm and cozy! Herbal bath set

A set of non-prescription bath additives that will warm your body and relieve fatigue while you relax in the bath.
It is also recommended as a gift to show appreciation to those who are tired.

Two items will be delivered in a gift box.
<Tree of Life Herbal Decoction 7 packets>
・I want to relieve my fatigue.
・My shoulders and back hurt.

¥5,060(tax included)

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Popular Mother's Day products

Every year, we introduce some of the most popular Mother's Day gifts.

Whether you purchase one item or a combination of items, we will wrap it for you.

*Please use the gift wrapping service, which is available at an additional cost.

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