Botanical Wax Sachet Apricot & Rose
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[About botanical wax sachets]
ROSY RINGS was founded in Colorado, USA in 1995, and since arriving in Japan in 2009, has continued to use the same meticulous handmade manufacturing methods as it did when it first opened, as a pioneer in botanical home fragrances that combine the beauty and scent of rich nature.
And in 2021, the first Japan-exclusive collection - Japan's Premier Botanical Collection - was born.
We create a space where you can enjoy the senses, surrounded by flowers reminiscent of blooming in nature, inviting you to take a deep breath.
Botanical wax sachets spread a rich fragrance that gently envelops you. Hang them on a rack or hanger and enjoy the scent that fills the space.
It can also be used to scent clothes in your closet.

[About Apricot & Rose]
A delicate and enchanting fragrance that combines the fruity sweetness of freshly picked apricots and plums, the bursting freshness of orange, the gentle scent of almond flowers and the noble blooming of roses.

[About Rosie Rings]
Rosie Rings was founded in 1995 in Denver, Colorado, a city surrounded by abundant nature. With the desire to bring the beauty of nature closer to everyday life, the brand offers a botanical collection featuring seasonal flowers, dried fruits, spices, and more.
In the production process using natural materials, which change over time, precise adjustments are made to suit the season, temperature, and various other conditions, and all processes are carried out by hand, allowing us to maintain a quality that cannot be achieved through mass production.
A peaceful and comfortable moment surrounded by heart-warming light and rich fragrance is a gift from Rosie Rings to help you feel the blessings of nature in your life.

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*The Botanical Collection is a handmade product made using natural plants, so there may be individual differences in the arrangement and color of the plants.
Also, depending on the production season, the plants used may change.
*This product is only available at some directly managed stores and the official online store.
*This product is not a Tree of Life original product.

Size: Body: W70×D8×H95mm (excluding string) Box: W80×D15 ×H115mm
Product weight: Approx. 50g (body: Approx. 30g)

Country of Origin: America
Ingredients Sachet: soy wax, beeswax, paraffin, fragrance String: leather string (suede)
When you open the box, a rich, deep fragrance gently spreads throughout the space.
You can hang it on a rack or hanger and enjoy the scent that fills the room, or put it in your closet to scent your clothes.
It's not food.
Be careful not to let it come into direct contact with clothing, furniture, walls, resin, etc. This may cause stains or deterioration.
Please be careful to keep out of reach of pets and children.
Do not use near open flames, inside a car where the temperature can rise, in hot and humid places, or in places exposed to direct sunlight such as near a window.
Do not use for any purpose other than intended.