Manuka Honey MG40+ 250g New Zealand
Manuka Honey MG40+ 250g New Zealand
Manuka Honey MG40+ 250g New Zealand
Manuka Honey MG40+ 250g New Zealand
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  • *Do not give honey to infants under 1 year old.
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The MG40+ is even more affordable than the UMF7+.
Comes in a 250g pack so you can try it thoroughly.
Unique, rich, caramel-like flavor.
For those who are conscious of their health and beauty and want to stay healthy every day.
It has a rich, creamy flavor and a refreshing sweetness that leaves no lingering aftertaste, as well as an elegant, herbal aroma.

<Key points of Tree of Life>
1: Direct import from the producer <br>It is lovingly grown by husband and wife producers and beekeepers Rob and Henna in the North Island of New Zealand.

2. Deliciousness <br>We spare no effort in slowly stirring the mixture over a period of three days to achieve a rich, creamy texture.
Our customers have told us it's delicious!

Country of Origin New Zealand
Quality retention/usage guideline: 36 months (3 years) after manufacture. After opening: Please consume as soon as possible.
Ingredients: Honey (New Zealand)
Size: Body: W60×D60×H82mm
Product weight: Approx. 280g
Please consume it in the same way as you would consume regular honey.

Take as a nutritional supplement 2 to 3 times daily.
It can be spread on toast or used as a sweetener in herbal tea.
In winter, it is also recommended to combine it with ginger tea to make honey ginger.
Do not give to infants under 1 year old.
Since honey is a natural product, it may crystallize and the aroma and taste may vary depending on the lot, but this does not affect the quality.
(Per 100g) <Ody> 個入ody>
Heat 330kcal protein 0g Lipids 0g
carbohydrates 82g Salt equivalent 0g

*Do not give to infants under 1 year old.