Manuka Honey & Propolis Spray Extra 20ml
Manuka Honey & Propolis Spray Extra 20ml
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  • *Do not give honey to infants under 1 year old.
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This is a Manuka Honey & Propolis Spray containing high MG grade Manuka Honey.
Made with Manuka honey MG690+ (equivalent to UMF18+).
It is recommended as a winter talisman or as a substitute for throat lozenges when you're out and about.
Mint flavor with a refreshing aftertaste.

*Propolis is a substance with a pungent, pungent taste that is produced by honeybees from the buds and sap of herbs.
*The spiciness of the propolis is slightly stronger than in previous products.

<Dietary supplements> A balanced diet should consist of staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.

Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
Quality retention/usage guideline Unopened: 24 months (2 years) after manufacture
After opening: Consume as soon as possible.
Ingredients: Propolis extract, Manuka honey, glycerin, peppermint flavor, lecithin (derived from soybeans)
Size Box: W58×D25×H106mm Spray bottle: φ25×104mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 50g
Shake well with the cap on before use.
Mix with a drink and consume 3 to 7 times a day.
*7 pushes = approx. 1ml (approx. 20 days' worth if used 7 pushes per day)
This product contains honey. Not for use in children under 1 year of age.
In rare cases, it may not be suitable for some people depending on their physical condition or constitution. In that case, discontinue use.
The color of propolis may vary depending on the season (time of harvest) and may settle during cold seasons, but this does not affect the quality.
Liquid may drip from the spray nozzle. If any liquid gets on your skin, wipe it off.
The contents will come out with force, so please be careful when using.
Please keep out of reach of children.
Contains ethanol (edible alcohol). Ethanol content: 2.1% (0.42ml of alcohol per 20ml product)
Please refrain from using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a low tolerance to alcohol, or are a child, as it contains trace amounts of alcohol.
This product is a food product, not a medicine or quasi-drug.
(Estimated value per 20ml) <Ody> 個入ody>
Heat 81kcal protein 0g Lipids 0g
carbohydrates 20g Salt equivalent 0.0044g