Dead sea salt Magnesium
Dead sea salt Magnesium
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Natural salt from the Dead Sea in Israel.
It is extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea.
It contains magnesium, which promotes beauty and health.
Add it to your bath and use it as bath salts.

The Dead Sea is located on the border between Israel and Jordan and is the lowest lake in the world, 394 meters below sea level.
The Dead Sea is saturated with 26 different minerals.
It contains about 10 times more salt than seawater, making it impossible for any living organisms to live there, hence the name "Dead Sea."
The mineral-rich water from the Jordan River, which flows into the Dead Sea, has no outlet, and evaporates under the strong sunlight, leaving only the minerals in the water.
Therefore, the mineral components contained in it are significantly different from those in seawater.
Most of the minerals in seawater are sodium chloride, but the minerals in the Dead Sea are mostly magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, and contain very little sodium chloride.

Quality Maintenance/Usage Guidelines
Unopened: 36 months (3 years) after manufacture
After opening: Use as soon as possible.
Body: φ66×83mm
Product weight: Approx. 228g
Bag: W160×H260mm
Product weight: Approx. 1020g
Add an appropriate amount (approximately 50-100g) to a bathtub filled with hot water (approximately 200L) and stir well before getting in.
*After adding the salt, it will remain at the bottom for a while, so stir well to dissolve it.
This is not a food product.
Do not use if you have any skin abnormalities such as cuts, swelling, or eczema.
If the product does not suit your skin, please discontinue use.
If any abnormalities such as irritation occur, we recommend that you discontinue use and consult a medical specialist.
Do not use around the eyes or on mucous membranes. If it gets in your eyes, rinse with water.
Do not store in high temperatures, high humidity, direct sunlight, or within reach of small children or pets.
Some bathtubs, such as those that cannot be used 24 hours a day, so please check the bathtub's instruction manual before using it.
Since this product contains natural ingredients, it is possible that it may occasionally contain insoluble matter or pebbles.
Because this product contains Dead Sea salt, if left on metal parts it may rust. After use, drain the water immediately and rinse thoroughly.
You can use leftover water for washing, but use clean water for rinsing.
After use, close the cap tightly.
Magnesium chloride