My 30 Day Tea

In 30 days, become a new you. We want to make more delicious herbal tea. We want to make herbal tea that fits more into your daily life. With that in mind, we have carefully selected each ingredient and refined this blended herbal tea.

My commitment to 30-day tea

"My 30-Day Tea" is a herbal tea series designed to help you start a pleasant habit for your mind and body with just one cup of herbal tea a day for 30 days.

Carefully selected ingredients from around the world
Tree of Life has been working with herbs for over 40 years, and sources Western and Eastern herb ingredients carefully selected by our buyers from partner farms around the world.

Deliciousness you can enjoy every day
This blend is carefully crafted to be delicious so that you can enjoy drinking it for 30 days straight in your daily life. It is a delicious herbal tea that you can gulp down and that will seep into your mind and body.

Accommodating your lifestyle
This herbal tea can be enjoyed with your daily meals, to hydrate after a bath, or to relax before going to sleep, making it a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Korean Ginseng Strength Blend

Contains 20 types of herbs including Job's tears, Reishi mushroom, and Korean ginseng.
It has a strong oriental herb scent based on the fragrant aroma of Job's tears.


Oriental Beauty Blend

It contains 16 kinds of herbs, including Oriental Beauty, Rooibos Green, and Evening Primrose. It is based on Oriental Beauty, which has a refined, sweet aftertaste, and has a herbal and refreshing taste.


Onshun Ginger Blend

The Onshun Ginger Blend contains 11 types of herbs, including ginger, cinnamon, rooibos, and pepper.
It is based on the refreshing aroma of double ginger and has a spiciness that warms you from the inside out.


Happy Nose Blend

The Happy Nose Blend contains 13 types of herbs, including hyssop, nettle, elderflower, and sweet tea.
It has a refreshing hyssop base and a herbal citrus flavor.


Women's Friend Blend

The Women's Friend Blend contains 13 herbs including black soybean, lady's mantle, and shatavari.
It has a gentle aroma based on the warm flavor of black beans.


Light Salacia Blend

The light Salacia blend contains 18 types of herbs, including Salacia, Mate, and Eucommia leaves.

The moderate bitterness of the roasted mate makes it easy to pair with food, and it has a slightly spicy aroma.


Chamomile Blend Before Bedtime

The bedtime chamomile blend contains 10 types of herbs, including German chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, and valerian.
It has a refreshing herbal scent based on the gentle flavor of chamomile.


Blue Megusurinoki Blend

The Blue Megusurinoki Blend contains 11 types of herbs including Megusurinoki, eyebright, and butterfly pea.
It has a mild flavor with a refreshing peppermint aroma.


Raspberry Leaf Blend

Raspberry Leaf Blend contains eight types of herbs, including raspberry leaf, rooibos greens, and dandelion root.
This herbal tea supports women in the late stages of pregnancy and while breastfeeding, and is in tune with a woman's monthly bodily rhythms.