Deodorizing mist giveaway campaign

To commemorate the release of our new natural aroma deodorizing and anti-odor series, including reed diffuser, shoe powder, and shoe mist, we will be running a gift campaign.

Campaign details

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※天然消臭アロマミスト 瑞々しい有機ライム、清々しい国産ひのきの各種150ml,詰め替え用300mlではございません。



Take this opportunity to try two types of natural deodorizing aroma mists.

For odors on sofas, curtains, clothes, bedding...

When you want to immediately eliminate unpleasant odors, just spray directly on the spot to create a comfortable space.

Deodorizing mist made from over 96% natural essential oils

Not only does it effectively deodorize, but it also has a pleasant scent. It is made from natural ingredients, so you can use it with confidence.