Aroma Mini Portable Wood
Aroma Mini Portable Wood
Aroma Mini Portable Wood
Aroma Mini Portable Wood
Aroma Mini Portable Wood
Aroma Mini Portable Wood
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This is a cordless, rechargeable, wood grain design model of the Aroma Mini diffuser, which efficiently diffuses fine particles of essential oil into the air without using water.
It can be used even in places where there is no power source, so you can enjoy the scent in various places around the home or on the go.
*Please remove the nozzle cap and essential oil bottle when carrying the device. If you insert the nozzle cap without the essential oil bottle into the device, you will not be able to remove the nozzle cap.

Since it does not need to be diluted with water or heated, you can enjoy the pleasant scent of natural aromas no matter where you are.
The Tree of Life essential oil bottle can be attached directly inside the diffuser and no fire is used, making it safe for use in homes with small children or elderly people.

・Feature 1: Smartphone-sized height
It is compact and easy to hold with one hand, so you can use it in a variety of places such as the entrance, bathroom, or your child's desk.

・Feature 2: Small but has a strong scent
It will scent a space of approximately 6 to 12 tatami mats.
If used for 2 hours per day, one 5ml bottle of essential oil will last for approximately 2 weeks, and one 10ml bottle of essential oil will last for approximately 1 month.
*The amount of consumption and the spread of fragrance will vary depending on the usage environment and type of essential oil.

・Feature 3: Simply attach the bottle and press the button to release the scent immediately
It can be directly attached to Tree of Life's 5ml and 10ml bottles, making it easy to operate and maintain.
After turning the power on, it automatically turns off when the timer expires, so it is also recommended for those who use day and night aromas every day.

【power supply】
It is equipped with a charging function and is also portable.
It can operate for approximately 36 hours after charging for approximately 4 to 5 hours.
It can be charged from a USB port or a wall outlet. If you use a wall outlet, please prepare an AC adapter (sold separately).

Nozzle cap with empty cleaning bottle (pre-installed), USB cable DC plug 100cm, dropper opener, instruction manual and warranty card

Parts are also available.
USB cable DC plug 100cm
AC adapter
Dropper opener
Essential oil bottles (brown, light-proof bottles) 5ml, 10ml
Set of 3 replacement tubes for Aroma Mini Portable
Nozzle cap for Aroma Mini Portable (white)

* Essential oils are not included. Please purchase separately.

*Wood-based (cypress, sandalwood, etc.), resin-based (frankincense, benzoin, etc.), and absolute (Abs/solvent extraction) essential oils are prone to clogging and the essential oils are difficult to diffuse, so you may not be able to detect the scent easily.
Especially in winter, or if the product is left for several weeks or more without maintenance, the essential oil will harden inside the bottle (or inside the glass body) and cause severe clogging.
If the bottle becomes clogged, add about 10ml of absolute ethanol to the bottle (or glass body) and run the machine for about 2 hours.

Effective aromatic space : approx. 6 to 12 tatami mats
Intermittent operation: 10 seconds on/50 seconds off, automatically stops after about 2 hours
Power supply: 5V, 1A Cord: 1m
Power consumption: Approx. 3W
Warranty period : 1 year from date of purchase
Country of Origin: China
Materials: Natural wood, PP, PC, POM

Size : Body: φ73×130mm Box: W130×D100×H138mm
Weight Product weight: Approx. 500g (Main body: Approx. 350g)



※ACアダプタは付属していません。ACアダプタ単品でのご用意もございます。 ACアダプタ(別売)





点灯:稼働中 充電残量100~20%
点滅:稼働中 充電残量20%以下



Do not use outdoors (outdoors, in a car, etc.).
Please be sure to use 5ml or 10ml Tree of Life essential oil bottles with this product. Please note that using bottles other than Tree of Life bottles will void the warranty if they cause breakdown or damage.
Do not wash the entire unit.
If the unit is left unused (without spraying essential oil) and without being cleaned for a long period of time, it may become clogged, so please clean it regularly.
Do not tilt or turn upside down the bottle with the nozzle cap attached or the main unit with the bottle set in it, as this may cause the essential oil to leak.
Do not insert the nozzle cap without the essential oil bottle into the main unit. If you forget to attach the aluminum cover, you will not be able to remove the nozzle cap.
When installing the nozzle cap, make sure to tighten it firmly and straight so that it does not come loose and is not installed at an angle.
Please make sure that the included aluminum cover is placed on the bottle insertion section before use.
In the unlikely event that the unit falls over or is dropped, an aluminum cover is attached to minimize leakage of essential oil from the bottom of the unit.
When using the seasonal limited edition Mimosa Blend Essential Oil 10ml or Jasmine Tea Blend Essential Oil 10ml with the Aroma Mini Portable product, remove the aluminum cover before installing it. When doing so, make sure the nozzle cap is firmly and straight and not loose. Also, be careful not to tip or tilt the Aroma Mini Portable after installation.
Please use and store out of reach of children and pets.
When using essential oils, do not use in the presence of pets.

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