Copper Tongue Scraper
Copper Tongue Scraper
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Now that mask life is over, take measures against bad breath and reduced saliva! Brushing your tongue will eliminate discomfort in your mouth.

In Ayurveda, it is important to eliminate what you don't need and then take in what's good.
Start your morning in an Ayurvedic way by removing the stickiness in your mouth and tongue coating that causes bad breath when you wake up, and drinking room temperature hot water.

The tongue coating that accumulates in the folds of the tongue is called ama and is undigested food in the body.
This ama is the source of various bad breath in the mouth.
Cleaning your tongue will sharpen your sense of taste and also help prevent overeating.
You can also check your digestive strength by checking the amount of ama you have every morning.

This is a Japanese product, carefully handmade one by one by skilled Japanese craftsmen in a factory in downtown Tokyo.
The curve of the part that touches the tongue is wide, so the part that goes into the mouth is larger, allowing you to remove dirt thoroughly in one go.

*This product is only available at some directly managed stores and the official online store.
*This product is not a Tree of Life original product.

Country of Origin: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

Size : Body: 100×6×H135mm Box: 100×20×H150mm
Product weight : approx. 13g
Hold the handle in both hands and gently insert the U-shaped part deep into your mouth.
Gently squeeze your tongue and pull it out from the back to the front.

After use, wash thoroughly with water, wipe off any moisture with a cloth, and store in a clean place.

*If rust or discoloration appears, you can restore it to its original condition by rubbing it with a soft cloth and using toothpaste or lemon juice.
●Do not rub your tongue too hard.
●Do not use if your tongue is irritated or bleeding.
●Do not insert too deep into your tongue.
●Discontinue use if any abnormalities occur.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●To maintain hygiene, please do not reuse the product.
●Do not chew or swallow.
●Do not use for any purpose other than removing tongue coating.
●Do not use if you have Wilson's disease.